CLIP: A clinical trial of frozen platelets
ISBT Education, Denese Marks, 224118
Role of Transfusion Practitioners
ISBT Education, Ms. Linley Bielby & Aman Dhesi, 225010
Kidd blood group system: outwardly simple with hidden complexity
ISBT Education, Janis Hamilton, 218837
What is ECMO, and why do we use it in critical illness?
ISBT Education, Eddy Fan, 218840
And now there are 49: update on the MNS blood group system
ISBT Education, Christoph Gassner, 218836
None too S.M.A.LL: the global challenge of severe malarial anaemia and its transfusion support
ISBT Education, Christine Cserti-Gazdewich, 218839
What's new in the Kell and Gerbich blood group systems
ISBT Education, Peter Ligthart, 218835
Is it TACO, TRALI or something else?
ISBT Education, Mark Looney, 218838
Lecture 8 - Selecting the Target Journal
ISBT Education, Michael Schmidt, 217783
The INTERVAL Studies
ISBT Education, David Roberts, 218818
Lecture 7 - Methods
ISBT Education, Marion Vermeulen, 217782
Lecture 6 - Discussion
ISBT Education, Brian Custer, 217781
ISBT Code of Ethics
ISBT Education, Peter Flanagan, 214363
Lecture 5 - Results Section
ISBT Education, Sheila O'Brien, 217780
Lecture 2 - Practical Data Cleaning and Statistical Analysis
ISBT Education, Sheila O'Brien, 212157
Lecture 3 - Ad-hoc Meeting
ISBT Education, Michael Schmidt, 212158
Lecture 4 - Tables and Figures
ISBT Education, Marion Vermeulen, 212159
DOAC Reversal for real? May be not, may be so!
ISBT Education, Elizabeth Crowe & Ruchika Goel, 219418
Current issues relating to the red cell storage lesion
ISBT Education, Eldad Hod, 210542
A multicentre study investigating vital sign changes occurring in complicated and uncomplicated transfusions
ISBT Education, Briana Gibson & Jay Raval, 208537
Lecture 1 - Introduction (Kick-off meeting)
ISBT Education, Brian Custer, 212156
If you’re happy and you know it, will you return?
ISBT Education, Barbara Masser, 206301
Pediatric Transfusion Medicine: From the fetus to the young adult, One size does NOT fit all
ISBT Education, Ruchika Goel, 205767
STEP 1 - Registration step
ISBT Education, ISBT Education, 204541
STEP 2 - eLearning modules Introduction + 1-2-3
ISBT Education, ISBT Education, 204542
Donor Fainting Tutorials
ISBT Education, ISBT Education, 204545
Thalassemia - back to basics
ISBT Education, Vip Viprakasit, 205312
High prevalence of HBV infection remains in young Chinese blood donors
ISBT Education, Yongshui Fu, 203525
Impact of Vector-borne infections in TTID
ISBT Education, Susan Stramer, 203524
Pathogen reduction technology
ISBT Education, Roger Dodd, 203523
Practicalities and pitfalls in the molecular lab (30 min)
ISBT Education, Ji Yanli, 203521
Basic aspects, applications and platforms currently available for molecular blood grouping of donor and patient populations (30 min)
ISBT Education, Veera Sekaran Nadarajan, 203520
ISBT Education, Jill Storry, 203519
Clinical trial on frozen platelets
ISBT Education, Denese Marks, 203518
Multifaceted regenerative lives of expired platelets
ISBT Education, Thierry Burnouf, 203517
Clinical impact of CD36 antigen/antibodies in Asian population
ISBT Education, Xu Xiuzhang, 203516
Self-Inspection and classification of non-compliances
ISBT Education, Yan Qiu, 203515
Preparing your blood centre for accreditation
ISBT Education, Cheuk Kwong Lee, 203514
Quality monitoring and risk assessment in blood transfusion services
ISBT Education, Christian Prof. Dr. Seidl, 203513
Transfusion medicine education for nurses and transfusion practitioners
ISBT Education, Linley Bielby, 203512
Transfusion medicine education for blood centre staff
ISBT Education, So-Yong Kwon, 203511
Transfusion medicine education in China
ISBT Education, Chengyao LI, 203510
Red Blood Cell Antigen Genotyping for Hemoglobinopathies, are there differences between Thalassemia and Sickle Cell Disease
ISBT Education, Stella Chou, 203509
Stem cell therapies for thalassemia
ISBT Education, Suradej Hongeng, 203508
Optimising iron chelation therapy with deferasirox for non-transfusion-dependent thalassaemia patients: the THETIS study
ISBT Education, Yong Rong Lai, 203507
Blood centre leadership
ISBT Education, Yong Ming ZHU, 203505
Transfusion leadership in the hospital
ISBT Education, Merrole Cole-Sinclair, 203504
DNA of erythroid origin presence in human plasma
ISBT Education, Lam Jacky, 203503
Application of kodecytes in immunohematology
ISBT Education, Stephen Henry, 203501
What are the special issues for young donors?
ISBT Education, Hwee Huang TAN, 203499
Young donors: getting their attention and keeping them engaged
ISBT Education, Eun Hye Kim, 203498
How different models help us understand TRALI
ISBT Education, Lin Fung, 203497
Blood component transfusions in mass casualty events
ISBT Education, Sarah Harm & Clayton LaValley, 204614
Effect of early tranexamic acid administration on mortality, hysterectomy, and other morbidities in women with post-partum haemorrhage (WOMAN): an international, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial
ISBT Education, Mark Yazer & Jansen Seheult, 203104
Emerging Infections and Blood Safety in the 21st Century
ISBT Education, Evan Bloch, 203535
Big data in Transfusion Medicine
ISBT Education, Gustaf Edgren, 202873
Back to basics - Haemovigilance
ISBT Education, Jo Wiersum, 198226
HNA antibody-mediated neutrophil aggregation is dependent on serine protease activity
ISBT Education, Session Speakers, 196300
Epigenetic and molecular signatures of cord blood CD34+ cells treated with histone deacetylase inhibitors
ISBT Education, Session Speakers, 196301
Platelet Refractoriness
ISBT Education, Ang Ai Leen, 193403
The definition and use of platelet rich plasma (PRP) in regenerative medicine
ISBT Education, Dirk De Korte, 193369
Lecture 9 - Putting it all together
ISBT Education, Marion Vermeulen, 192991
Basics of Neutrophil antigen and antibody testing
ISBT Education, Lin Fung, 192928
Using Big Data for exploring our Universe
ISBT Education, Troels Petersen, 184742
Exploring new avenues for cold storage of platelets
ISBT Education, Jose Cancelas, 184741
Role of extracellular vesicles in platelet transfusion medicine
ISBT Education, Eric Boilard, 184740
Platelet Immunology
ISBT Education, John Semple, 184739
Biomarkers defining the metabolic age of red blood cells during cold storage
ISBT Education, Bernhard Palsson, 184738
Metabolomic analysis of blood storage
ISBT Education, Olafur E Sigurjonsson, 184737
Babesiosis and Blood Transfusion
ISBT Education, Susan Stramer, 184736
Hepatitis E
ISBT Education, Hans Zaaijer, 184735
Self-sufficiency in plasma supply
ISBT Education, Peter Flanagan, 184732
Safe and sustainable plasmapheresis
ISBT Education, Joanne Pink, 184731
Pathophysiology of massive haemorrhage
ISBT Education, Jakob Stensballe, 184730
Direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) induced bleeding - update on antidotes and treatment options
ISBT Education, David Faraoni, 184729
Damage control resuscitation - how to use blood products and manage major bleeding in trauma
ISBT Education, Martin Schreiber, 184728
Contingency planning: the results to date from the EBA working group
ISBT Education, Andrew Kelly, 184727
Lessons learned from Brussels
ISBT Education, Veerle Compernolle, 184726
Lessons learned from Paris and Nice
ISBT Education, Stephane Noel, 184725
Blood storage and metabolism
ISBT Education, Olafur Sigurjonsson and Bernhard Palsson, 208516
The emotions of a blood donor
ISBT Education, Anne van Dongen, 208515
Blood donation in resource-limited regions
ISBT Education, Claude Tayou Tandy and Yetmgeta Eyayou Abdella, 208514
Granulocytes and Transfusion Medicine
ISBT Education, Ulrich Sachs and Lin Fung, 208513
ISBT Education, Christof Weinstok and Jenny White, 208512
Donor health
ISBT Education, Mindy Goldman and Jo Wiersum, 208511
Mesenchymal Stem Cells
ISBT Education, Reinhard Henschler, 208510
Passionate about platelets
ISBT Education, John Semple, 208509
Implementing a comprehensive blood wastage reduction programme
ISBT Education, Mark Yazer, 184724
Do we need cryoprecipitate in the era of fibrinogen concentrate and other specific factor replacement options?
ISBT Education, Nicola Curry, 184723
Red cell apheresis: pros and cons
ISBT Education, Laura Infanti John, 184722
Making clinical audit work for you
ISBT Education, John Grant-Casey, 184718
Effectiveness of pre-donation health and travel screening in reducing the risk of TTIs
ISBT Education, Christian Erikstrup, 184721
European collaborative initiatives in PBM
ISBT Education, Mie Bruun, 184717
Modelling risks of emerging infectious diseases relevant to blood transfusion
ISBT Education, Mart Janssen, 184720
Making transfusion decisions in critical care
ISBT Education, Cecile Aubron, 184716
New infectious epidemics: the global health view
ISBT Education, Micha Nübling, 184719
Clinical governance in the blood service
ISBT Education, Gail Miflin, 184715
The role of the hospital transfusion committee
ISBT Education, Susan Nahirniak, 184714
The role of the national blood transfusion committee
ISBT Education, M.F. Murphy, 184713
Lecture 2 - Practical Data Cleaning and Statistical Analysis
ISBT Education, Sheila O'Brien, 183454

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