ISBT Education, Syeldy Langi Sasongko, 273722
Screening strategies to minimize the risk of TT-HEV infections
ISBT Education, Tanya Vollmer, 273445
Update on pathogen inactivation technology
ISBT Education, Miquel Lozano, 273446
The use of artificial intelligence to improve health care; what's in it for transfusion medicine?
ISBT Education, Bart Geerts, 273442
Incentives and Inducements - where to draw the line?
ISBT Education, Peter Flanagan, 273443
Immunohaematological features of patients with sickle cell disease
ISBT Education, Vincent THONIER, 273439
Phenotype and allele matching: how far should we go?
ISBT Education, Claudia Folman, 273440
Lecture 10: Human Subjects Considerations and Approvals and Budgeting
ISBT Education, Marion Vermeulen, 273736
Lecture 9 - Questionnaires and Data collection forms
ISBT Education, Sheila O'Brien, 273491
Thorough analysis of unorthodox ABO deletions called by the 1000 Genomes project
ISBT Education, Session Speakers, 273249
Blood donor deferral for men who have sex with men (MSM)
ISBT Education, Brian Custer, 272575
The role of the transfusion nurse in hospital and blood centre
ISBT Education, Linley Bielby & Rachel Moss, 272671
Lecture 8: Data and Statistical Analysis
ISBT Education, Brian Custer, 272574
Lecture 7: Validity, Confounding and Bias
ISBT Education, Leo van de Watering, 269826
Lecture 6: Study Design Part 2
ISBT Education, Michael Schmidt, 265925
Lecture 5: Study Design Part 1: Overview of study designs
ISBT Education, Sheila O'Brien, 265638
Lecture 3: Measurement
ISBT Education, Marion Vermeulen, 265481
Lecture 4: Sample size and power
ISBT Education, Leo van de Watering, 265482
Free webinar: Strategies to Survive Your PhD project
ISBT Education, René van Hulst, 265476
Serological Techniques for Solving Problems in Immunohaematology
ISBT Education, Nicole Thornton, 265475
Lecture 2: Background and study plan
ISBT Education, Arwa Al-Riyami, 261043
Lecture 1: General Introductions
ISBT Education, Melissa Bailey, 261042
Red blood cell development in health and disease
ISBT Education, Ash Toye, 259723
Prehospital plasma in the air: does it improve outcomes in trauma patients?
ISBT Education, Allison Mo, Zoe McQuilten & Erica Wood, 257542
Contaminación bacteriana de los concentrados de plaquetas: un reto pendiente
ISBT Education, Miguel Lozano Molero, 257541
Free webinar: The beginner’s guide to Designing Clinical Transfusion Research
ISBT Education, Leo van de Watering, 256979
Bulding blocks of Quality Management in Blood Transfusion
ISBT Education, Lesley Bust, 234643
Free webinar: Principles of Scientific Writing
ISBT Education, Bob van der Laaken, 234644
Electronic cross-matching: Issues and practicalities from an East Asian perspective
ISBT Education, Veera Sekaran Nadarajan & Naoko Watanabe-Okochi, 228116
The Role of Transfusion Practitioners in Transfusion Medicine
ISBT Education, Linley Bielby & Rachel Moss, 227416
Free webinar: TACO
ISBT Education, Alexander Vlaar, 227415
CLIP: A clinical trial of frozen platelets
ISBT Education, Denese Marks, 224118
Can we build cells from the bottom-up
ISBT Education, Petra Schwille, 218868
Room to Breathe- Global Wellness in the 21st Century
ISBT Education, Sunny Dzik, 218867
Transfusion Medicine - The past - an epic history
ISBT Education, Douglas Starr, 218866
The Pro-Inflammatory and Pro-Coagulant Microparticles From Stored Red Blood Cell Concentrates Are Implicated in Onset of Transfusion Relative Lung Injury (Trali)
ISBT Education, Rufeng Xie, 218863
Association and Timing of Death in Reactions Classified as Transfusion Associated Circulatory Overload
ISBT Education, Christine Cserti-Gazdewich, 218862
TACO pathophysiology
ISBT Education, Rick Kapur, 218861
The effect of sex and age of the donor on the outcome of transfusion recipients
ISBT Education, Rutger Middelburg, 218865
The significance of altered IgG-glycosylation in transfusion medicine
ISBT Education, Gestur Vidarsson, 218860
The effect of sex and age of the donor on the outcome of transfusion recipients
ISBT Education, Gustaf Edgren, 218864
Donor characteristics and transfusion outcome
ISBT Education, Gustaf Edgren & Rutger Middelburg, 225016
Prevention of HLA alloimmune refractoriness
ISBT Education, Katerina Pavenski, 218859
Novel Roles for Platelets in Health and Disease
ISBT Education, Matthew Rondina, 218858
In vitro production of platelets
ISBT Education, Jonathan Thon, 218857
Free webinar: Role of the Transfusion Practitioners
ISBT Education, Linley Bielby & Aman Dhesi, 225010
Estimating risk and evaluating efficacy of risk reduction strategies 
ISBT Education, Michael Busch, 218856
Impact of hepatitis E virus infection on the safety of the blood supply
ISBT Education, Hans L. Zaaijer, 218855
Historical overview to prevent blood transmissible infectious agents
ISBT Education, Roger Dodd, 218854
Free webcast: Jean Julliard Prize Lecture, Transfusion-related acute lung injury (TRALI): Identification of Novel Risk Factors and Potential Therapies
ISBT Education, Rick Kapur, 218853
ISBT Education, Lin Fung, 218852
Challenges of Blood Transfusion in resource-limited settings
ISBT Education, Lucy Asamoah-Akuoko, 218903
Challenges of Blood Transfusion in resource-limited settings
ISBT Education, Neelam Marwaha, 218902
Immune role of platelets in malaria
ISBT Education, Brendan McMorran, 218851
Rare donor registries/programmes
ISBT Education, Vered Yahalom & Tanya Powley, 225015
Human genetic resistance to malaria
ISBT Education, Ellen Leftler, 218850
Genomics and Blood Transfusion
ISBT Education, Nick Gleadall & Willem Ouwehand, 225013
Insect disease vectors and their impact on human health
ISBT Education, Laura Harrington, 218849
Major challenges of blood transfusion in military settings
ISBT Education, Michael Reade & Heidi Doughty, 225017
The outcome of the Patient Blood Management Consensus Conference, Frankfurt April 2018
ISBT Education, Markus M. Mueller, 218848
The effect of blood donation of women on the birth weight of their offspring
ISBT Education, Henrik Ullum, 218845
Questioning the benefit of restrictive transfusion practice in older adults
ISBT Education, Geoff Simon, 218847
The effect of iron on fetal and neonatal brain development 
ISBT Education, Michael Georgieff, 218844
Challenges in PBM or Tools for PBM
ISBT Education, Patrick Meybohm, 218846
Safety and surveillance issues in stem cell marketing
ISBT Education, Douglas Sipp, 218843
Adverse outcomes and substances of human origin: Cases from the NOTIFY Library
ISBT Education, Evangelia Petrisli, 218842
Microbial Safety of Cellular Therapeutics - Lessons from over ten years’ experience in microbial safety of platelet concentrates
ISBT Education, Melanie Stoermer, 218841
Kidd blood group system: outwardly simple with hidden complexity
ISBT Education, Janis Hamilton, 218837
What is ECMO, and why do we use it in critical illness?
ISBT Education, Eddy Fan, 218840
And now there are 49: update on the MNS blood group system
ISBT Education, Christoph Gassner, 218836
None too S.M.A.LL: the global challenge of severe malarial anaemia and its transfusion support
ISBT Education, Christine Cserti-Gazdewich, 218839
What's new in the Kell and Gerbich blood group systems
ISBT Education, Peter Ligthart, 218835
Is it TACO, TRALI or something else?
ISBT Education, Mark Looney, 218838
Lecture 8 - Selecting the Target Journal
ISBT Education, Michael Schmidt, 217783
The INTERVAL Studies
ISBT Education, David Roberts, 218818
Lecture 7 - Methods
ISBT Education, Marion Vermeulen, 217782
Neonatal and Pediatric Transfusion
ISBT Education, Amy Keir & Helen New, 225012
Free interview: Malaria-related blood transfusion challenges and the impact of Malaria on human health
ISBT Education, Brendan McMorran & Laura Harrington, 225011
Lecture 6 - Discussion
ISBT Education, Brian Custer, 217781
Free webinar: ISBT Code of Ethics
ISBT Education, Peter Flanagan, 214363
Lecture 5 - Results Section
ISBT Education, Sheila O'Brien, 217780
Lecture 2 - Practical Data Cleaning and Statistical Analysis
ISBT Education, Sheila O'Brien, 212157
Lecture 3 - Ad-hoc Meeting
ISBT Education, Michael Schmidt, 212158
Lecture 4 - Tables and Figures
ISBT Education, Marion Vermeulen, 212159
DOAC Reversal for real? May be not, may be so!
ISBT Education, Elizabeth Crowe & Ruchika Goel, 219418
Current issues relating to the red cell storage lesion
ISBT Education, Eldad Hod, 210542
A multicentre study investigating vital sign changes occurring in complicated and uncomplicated transfusions
ISBT Education, Briana Gibson & Jay Raval, 208537
Lecture 1 - Introduction (Kick-off meeting)
ISBT Education, Brian Custer, 212156
If you’re happy and you know it, will you return?
ISBT Education, Barbara Masser, 206301
Pediatric Transfusion Medicine: From the fetus to the young adult, One size does NOT fit all
ISBT Education, Ruchika Goel, 205767
STEP 1 - Registration step
ISBT Education, ISBT Education, 204541
STEP 2 - eLearning modules Introduction + 1-2-3
ISBT Education, ISBT Education, 204542
Donor Fainting Tutorials
ISBT Education, ISBT Education, 204545
Thalassemia - back to basics
ISBT Education, Vip Viprakasit, 205312
High prevalence of HBV infection remains in young Chinese blood donors
ISBT Education, Yongshui Fu, 203525
Impact of Vector-borne infections in TTID
ISBT Education, Susan Stramer, 203524
Pathogen reduction technology
ISBT Education, Roger Dodd, 203523
Practicalities and pitfalls in the molecular lab (30 min)
ISBT Education, Ji Yanli, 203521
Basic aspects, applications and platforms currently available for molecular blood grouping of donor and patient populations
ISBT Education, Veera Sekaran Nadarajan, 203520
ISBT Education, Jill Storry, 203519

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