Something New About Blood Groups and their Associations
ISBT Education. Peyrard T. 07/20/21; 336539 Topic: Blood cell and bone marrow biology
Dr. Thierry Peyrard
Dr. Thierry Peyrard
Contributions Biography
About this activity
The ISBT 2020 congress took place between 12-16 December, featuring live and on-demand sessions and more.

The Something New About Blood Groups and their Associations session includes four presentations by
1.Dermot Kenny: Blood Group Alters Platelet Binding to vWF and Consequently Platelet Function (28 minutes)
2.Torsten Dahlén: An Agnostic Study of ABO Blood Group and Phenome-Wide Disease Risk in a Large Swedish Cohort of Blood Donors (10 minutes)
3.Thierry Peyrard: Null Allele of ABCC1 Encoding the Multidrug Resistance Protein 1 Defines A Novel Human Blood Group System (10 minutes)
4. Tatiane Vendrame: Characterization Of RHD-RHCE Hybrid Genes In Brazilian Donors And Patients With Sickle Cell Disease (10 minutes)

The session was moderated by Jorge Monge Ruiz
The questions and answers session (20 minutes), which took place after the presentations, is also included in the recording


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