ISBT Presidential Award 2020
ISBT Education. Brand A. 06/22/21; 333314 Topic: Miscellaneous
Anneke Brand
Anneke Brand
About this activity
The 2020 ISBT Presidential Award was awarded to Professor Anneke Brand during the ISBT2020 virtual meeting as recognition of Anneke's many outstanding and invaluable contributions to Blood Transfusion and Transfusion Medicine.

The Presidential Award session includes the following presentations:
1. Martin L Olsson, Paul Strengers, Wolfgang Mayr: Announcement of the award and introductions. 
2. Frans Claas: HLA matching: from antigens towards epitopes
3. Simon Stanworth: Transfusion of erythrocytes and platelets – past and future
4. Anneke Brand: Platelet transfusion alloimmunization: causes, consequences and coping


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