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Program Overview
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Fainting is the most frequent complication in blood donors. Donor fainting has a major impact on both donors and the blood establishments since it is uncomfortable for the donors and reduces donor return. For that reason understanding of donor fainting is of great importance for both donors and staff.
In the donor fainting tutorials you will learn about the mechanisms of donor fainting and the recognition and
interventions. The lessons are developed by the editorial board of the Syncopedia website (www.syncopedia.org), co-sponsored by ISBT and EBA (www.europeanbloodalliance.eu), and the learning activities and certification hosted by the ISBT.

Program content:
- Introduction
- Short term blood pressure regulation
- Orthostatic dysregulation and emotional faints
- Presyncopal symptoms & sigs
- Syncope
- Postsyncopal symptoms & signs
- Vasovagal syncope
- Timing and explanation of syncope during blood donation
​- Prevention of syncope during and after blood donation

Upon completion of this module, the participant should be able to:
- describe the epidemiology of fainting in blood donors
- explain the physiology and pathophysiology of fainting
- distinguish (vaso-vagal) fainting from other causes
- distinguish the different (time) phases of fainting during blood donation
- treat symptomatic donors who faint
- give preventive advise (to donors and staff)

The donor fainting tutorials are intended for all professionals, e.g. physicians and nurses, involved in blood collection. The tutorials are freely available on the internet and can easily be used and referred to in educational programs.

After registration and completion of the program and a final test, a certificate will be provided.

The certificate is endorsed by the partners as indicated on the certificate and represents 0.3 ECTS (9 study hours).

The donor fainting tutorials are hosted by the ISBT. The content of the donor fainting tutorials is the property and copyright of the Syncopedia foundation.

STEP 1 - Registration
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STEP 2 - eLearning module
STEP 3 - Final Test and Certificate
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